John E. Seamen et. al v. Schooner Forester and Cargo

John E. Seamen et. al v. Schooner Forester and Cargo

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 865


John E. Seaman et. Al


Schooner Forester and Cargo

As a term of the United States District Superior court setting as a Court of Admiralty for the Apalachicola district in the county of Franklin began and held in the City of Apalachicola on the twelfth day of January in the year 1839.

Be it remembered that heretofore to wit, on the 11[th] of October, 1838 Semmes and Davis Proctors came into the Clerks office and filed the following Libel to wit:

United States of America- Territory of Florida- Franklin County:

To the Honorable Richard B. Allen Judge of the Superior Court of Franklin County exercising Jurisdiction in Admiralty:

The Libel and complaint of John E. Seaman Master and part owner of the Schooner Orleans and Agent for D.B. Wood, Robert Myers, James H. Iverson, H & D Cotheal and H. Lovett other part owners thereof, against the Schooner Forester, whereof A.H. Stevens late was Master, her tackle, apparel and furniture, and all and singular the goods, wares and merchandise now or taken on board said Schooner Forester in a course of Salvage Civil and Maritime.

And thereupon the said John E. Seaman master and part owner and agent as aforesaid allege and particularly propound as follows

First: That on the morning of the twenty fifth day of September last (1838) while the said Schooner Orleans of the further of sixty one [?] or thereabout was laying at anchor in the Bay of Apalachicola in the said Territory undergoing repairs and with a crew of five men exclusive of the said master, he said John E. Seaman.