John E. Seamen et. al v. Schooner Forester and Cargo

John E. Seamen et. al v. Schooner Forester and Cargo

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 865


Thereof as well as the freight saved as aforesaid and to so much as has been and is actually allotted by this court to persons doing and performing the like service together with all charges and expenses which the said Libellant has been compelled to lay out and expend and which has attended the same.

That all and singular the premises are true and within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of this Honorable court; in verification whereof if denied the said Libellant master and agent as aforesaid crave have to refer to the depositions and other proofs to be him exhibited in this cause.

Wherefore the Libellant prays that process, in due for of Law, according to the course of courts of Admiralty and of this honorable Court in Cases of Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction may issue against the said Schooner Forester, her tackle apparel, and furniture and against the cargo laden therein and saved as aforesaid wheresoever the same may be found and that all persons, having or pretending to have any right, title or interest in said Schooner Forester, Cargo and freight or either of them may be cited to appear and answer all and singular the matter so articularly propounded: And that this Honorable court would be pleased to decree such sum of money or proportion of the value of the said Schooner Forester her Cargo and freight saved as aforesaid to be due said Libellant master and agent as aforesaid as a compensation for his said salvage services, as shall seem meet reasonable together with their expenses in this behalf sustained and to condemn the said Schooner Forester her tackle apparel and furniture and the cargo saved as aforesaid together with the freight saved and all persons intervening for their interest in the said Schooner Forester cargo and freight as aforesaid in cash and otherwise right