Lawrence v. Schooner Alexander

Lawrence v. Schooner Alexander

Lower Court

  • Escambia County


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 865


United States of America District of West Florida Superior Court

To the Marshall of said District Greeting:

All chambers 28[th] April 1838, let the clerk issue the usual process customary in cases of admiralty returnable to the next term of Escambia Superior Court.

Signed J.A. Cameron

Judge D.W. [?]

You the said Marshall are therefore hereby authorized, [?], and strictly enjoined to attach and take unto your custody the schooner Alexander, and [?] to cite and admonish the said Alexander Lamb master of said Schooner Alexander, and all persons whatsoever having right in or to the said Schooner Alexander, her tackle, apparel and furniture and by publicly affixing a copy of this [?] on the mast of said schooner Alexander, as well as three other public places, and by personal service on the said Alexander Lamb master of said Schooner Alexander, and by carrying a copy thereof to be published in some newspapers in the city of Pensacola, and by all lawful, ways, means and methods whatsoever whereby this minute may be made most public and notorious [?] and appear at the time and place aforesaid before the Judge aforesaid, as in said order and decree specified and also to attend upon decision or decisions of said court to be held at the time and place in said order preferred, until order punitive decree or sentence shall be made and promulgated in the said business conclusively, if any of them