Lawrence vs. Schooner Alexander

Lawrence vs. Schooner Alexander

Lower Court

  • Escambia County


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 865


Extract from the record of the Court of Appeals

John Lawrence v. Schooner Alexander

Upon an appeal from a Decree in Admiralty in Escambia County

The transcripts of the record on this appeal having been irregularly transmitted to this court, on motion of the appellee by its Council. It is ordered that the same be dismissed and that the appellant pay to the appellee his costs by him in his behalf expended.

A true copy, A.G. Wellford, Clerk

John Lawrence v. Schooner Alexander

Dock g care 12/0 entering 1 order 25

Copy of Order 25, taxing costs 25, List of costs 25 ~ $1.12

A.G. Wellford, Clerk