Fatio v. Dewees

Fatio v. Dewees

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1838


  • 476


  • 864


And afterwards at the same Term of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and Twenty nine, to wit, on Tuesday the nineteenth day of said Term and the Twenty third of June the following entry was entered, to wit,

James Jackson on the demise of Philip Dewees,

Louisa Dewees, Mary Dewees, Winslow Foster and

Martha his wife, Catharine Hall, Margaret Floyd,

John Floyd, Dionisio Solano and Mary his In Ejectment

wife and Andrew Floyd. Plaintiffs


Francis P. Fatio …..defendant

The Jury in this case having found a verdict for the plaintiffs and that they recover possession of Eighteen hundred and nine acres and Twenty five perches English land measure parcel of the premises in the declaration mentioned, and a motion for a new trial having been made on the part of the defendant, and the same duty argued by counsel on both sides, it is ordered by the court that the said motion for a new trial be denied.

Therefore it is considered that the said plaintiffs do recover against the said defendant, their Term yet to come of and in the said tenements with the appurtenances in the said plaintiffs declaration mentioned according to the verdict of the Jury aforesaid for the said Eighteen hundred and nine acres and Twenty five perches English land measure and his said damages to one cent by the Jurors aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed and also thirty eight dollars and ninety Two and a half cents, for his said costs and charges, now here adjudged of increase to the said plaintiffs , and with his assent, which said damage costs and charges in the whole amount to thirty eight dollars and ninety three and a half cents.

And hereupon the said plaintiffs pray the writ of the Territory of Florida to be directed to the Marshal of the