Fatio v. Dewees

Fatio v. Dewees

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1838


  • 476


  • 864


of the public land of the same, shall be ascertained, described, and determined as follows, viz: From the eastern point of that part of the exterior line of the ditch which is in advance of and parallel with the northern face of the bastion, and opposite the shoulder of the same, a line will be drawn, at right angles with that face of the bastion, 1,500 Castilian varas; from the same point of beginning, two other lines, of 1,500 varas in length will be drawn and extended to points on the margin of the two rivers St. Marks and Waukulla, respectively; from the central one of these three points, lines shall be extended, connecting the terminations of these three radii; and thence extending in the same lines to the centre of the two rivers St. Marks and Waukulla; and all the land comprehended within these lines, and the middle of each river, from their termination to the confluence of the two rivers, below the fort of St. Marks, shall be the land reserved to the use of the United States.

And it is further ordered adjudged and decreed, that "vara" to be used in this survey be the "Castilian," or "judicial vara of Spain," 5,000 of which make a league, and are equal in length to 4,635 English yards.

And this court doth further order, adjudge and decree, that the Clerk of this court certify this decree, to the Surveyor General of Florida, pursuant to law, with directions to survey and lay off the lands thus reserved to the United States, according to the lines, boundaries, and description thereof in this decree", as by the inspection of the transcript of the record of the said Superior Court, which was brought into the Supreme Court of the United States, by virtue of an appeal agreeably to the act of Congress in such case made and provided fully and at large appears.