Fatio v. Dewees

Fatio v. Dewees

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1838


  • 476


  • 864


And afterward before the Superior Court for the Eastern District of Florida holden at the court house in the city of St. Augustine at [ms folded]of our Lord one thousand eight [ms folded] regular continuances, to wit; on Tuesday the eighth day of said Term and the fifteenth of said month the following entry was made, to wit,

James Jackson on the demise of Philip Dewees

Louisa Dewees, Mary Dewees, Winslow Foster,

and Martha his wife, Catharine Hall, Plaintiffs

Margaret Floyd, John Floyd, Mary D.

Floyd, and Andrew Floyd In Ejectment


Francis P. Fatio and

John Forbes Defendants

This day came the parties by their attornies and thereupon came a Jury, to wit, Joseph Hagans, William Bearden, Andrew Burgeroin, James L. Matlair, William Gardner, Thomas Hagans, William Black, Horatio Lowe, Isaac Hendricks, Francis L. Avice, Joseph Pomar, and Samuel Northrop who were duly sworn well and truly to try the issue joined between the parties, but the court not having sufficient time to go through with the trial; it is ordered that the above named Jury be adjourned over until tomorrow morning at ten o’clock. The following witnesses were sworn in this case Gabriel W. Persall, George J. F. Clarke, James Hall, James L. Matlair, George Gibbs, William Travers, Antonio Alvarez, and Bernado Segui.

And afterwards at the same Term of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and Twenty seven, to wit, on Wednesday the ninth day of said Term and the sixteenth day of said month the following verdict was entered, to wit,