Robert Allen & Co. v. Flint River Steamboat Co.

Robert Allen & Co. v. Flint River Steamboat Co.

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1848


  • 473


  • 855


Whereupon on the said fifth day of June in the year aforesaid, Judgment was entered in the words following to wit:

Enoch c. Roberts, Frederick W. Allen, and William Hickok


The Flint River Steam Boat company owners of steam boat Magnolia

At Chambers

This day came the plaintiffs and presented the order of the Honorable Thomas Baltzell Judge for the Entry of Judgment as therein prescribed. In pursuance thereof it is therefore considered by the Court that the plaintiffs recover against the defendants the sum of six hundred and fifty seven dollars and sixty cents together with their costs by them about their suit in this behalf expended.

Whereupon the following execution was issued, viz:

In the name of the state of Florida, to the Sheriff of Franklin County greetings:

We command you that of the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of the Flint River Steam Boat Company owners of Steam Boat magnolia late of your bailiwick, your cause to be made the sum of $657.60, with interest on said sum at the rate of six percent per annum from the 5[th] day of June 1847 until paid; which Roberts, Allen, & Co. lately in our Franklin Circuit Court has recovered against the said Flint River Steam Boat Company for damages. Also $4.00 which to the said Roberts, Allen, & Co. by our said Court was adjudged for his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended, whereof the said Flint River Steam Boat Company is convict as to us of record and that you have the same before the judge of our said Court when satisfied to render of the damages