Robert Allen & Co. v. Flint River Steamboat Co.

Robert Allen & Co. v. Flint River Steamboat Co.

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1848


  • 473


  • 855


Roberts Allen & Co.


The Flint River Steamboat Co. (owners of the Steam Boat Magnolia)

Error from the Franklin circuit Court

The annexed copy of the record in the case above states having by me, been seen and inspected: on motion of W.G.M. Davis esquire attorney for the plaintiff in error it is hereby ordered that a writ of error issue in said case, and it is further ordered, that upon the plaintiffs in error by themselves or a responsible person in their behalf; entering in the clerk's office of either the supreme court; or the circuit court (in which the judgment in said case was rendered) into a bond in double the sum recovered in the court below, with one or more sufficient securities, to be approved by the clerk (of the court) who shall issue said writ of error; conditional for the due prosecution of the suit in error, and in ease of the affirmance of the judgment, to pay the defendants in error their elimination and case, the said writ of error shall (operate or [?]) be a supersedes. Given under my hand at Quincy in Gadsden County state of Florida this 29[th] day of November 1847.

Thomas Douglad, Chief Justice