Robert Allen & Co. v. Flint River Steamboat Co.

Robert Allen & Co. v. Flint River Steamboat Co.

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1848


  • 473


  • 855


In the name of the State of Florida.

To the Sheriff of Franklin County, greeting whereas at a Circuit court held at chambers in the City of Apalachicola in said county, on Saturday the fifth day of June last, Enoch C. Roberts, Frederick W. Allen and William Hickok partners in trade using the firm and style of Roberts Allen & Co. by judgment of the said court, recovered against the Flint River Steam boat Co. owners of the Steam Boat Magnolia a certain judgment in the words following, to wit:

"This day (June 5 1847) came the plaintiffs and presents the order of the honorable Thomas Baltzell Judge for the Entry of Judgment as therein prescribed. In pursuance thereof it is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiffs recover against the defendants the sum of six hundred and fifty seven dollars and sixty cents together with their costs by them about their suit in this behalf expended." Whereof the said the Flint River Steam Boat Company owners of the Steam Boat Magnolia is Convict as it is said; and because in the record and proceedings, and also in the rendition of the judgment aforesaid, a manifest error hath happened, to the great damage of the said the Flint rover Steam Boat Company as of his complaint hath been stated, the record and proceedings of which said judgment was lately caused to be brought before the Supreme Court of our said state at Tallahassee for certain causes of error, you are hereby commanded to give notice to the said Roberts Allen & Co. that they be and appear before the said Supreme Court to be held at Tallahassee on the First Monday of January next, to hear the record and proceedings aforesaid, if they shall think fit, and farther to do so receive what the said Court shall then and there consider conceiving them in this behalf.