David L. Yulee v. Francis Bradier

David L. Yulee v. Francis Bradier

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853





On reaction for a certiorari

This is an application for a certiorari upon an [??] of the [?] of appellee stating that the [???] in the case was prepared and opened in their absence without notice to them- one [??] that "he has compared the evidence as set forth in the record with an original [??] of evidence and found important material [???] and mission which in the opinion of defendant under such record is an [?] and unjust to his [?] the appellee that the minutes of evidence herewith the [?] to the court certain according to the wit of defendants knowledge and belief a correct statement of the evidence given by the [?] who [????] the trial in the [??] that the evidence of the [??] important [?] for [?] Drs. Weams and Peck [???] by them respectively and certified and with to be correct and that certain documentary evidence of [???] in evidence in the court below is not included in trail reread" the [?] of the then if not to pull be [?] the [?] as to the alteration in the testimony of Weams and Peck.