David L. Yulee v. Francis Bradier

David L. Yulee v. Francis Bradier

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853


Wheaton- Fairbanks

France Bradies


David S. Yulee

This is an application for a certiorari upon an applicant of the attorneys of appellee, stating that the bill of exceptions in the case was prepared and signed in thru absence and without notice to them, one of them deposing that, "he has compared the evidence as set forth in the record with his [?] minutes of evidence and found important and material discrepancies and [?] which in the opinion of deponent render such record incomplete and unjust to his client the appellee, that the minutes of evidence him with presented to the court cautious according to the best of defendants knowledge and belief a correct statement of the evidence given by the witnesses who were produced and sworn on the trial in the [?] below. That the evidence of the two most important witnesses for [?], Doctors Weam and Peck have been reexamined by them respectively and certified on oath to be correct and that certain documentary evidence offered and read in evidence in the [?] below is not