Edward Bradford v. A.S. Cole

Edward Bradford v. A.S. Cole

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1859


  • 473


  • 853


Tallahassee road at a point near the residence of Captain William Lester and after hearing the testimony and the argument of counsel for and against said Road, it is ordered that said report be adopted and that said Road be declared a public neighborhood road. And afterwards, to wit: on the 29[th] day of July 1857, the said Edward Bradford applied to the President of the Board for an appeal to the Circuit Court and filed his bond in the words following, to wit:

Know all men by these presents that we Edward Bradford are held and firmly bound unto the County Commissioners of Leon County in the just full sum of two hundred dollars for the payment whereof well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs executors and Administrators jointly and severally by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this [blank] day of July 1856

Whereas the above bound Edward Bradford has prayed an appeal from an order, judgment or sentence of the Board of County Commissioners of Leon County in a certain matter of the application of Dr. A.S. Cole in which application William Lester and other united for a road from the residence of said Dr. Cole southward to the Thomasville road through the lands and premises of the said Edward Bradford because the said Bradford feels aggrieved by the said order judgment or sentence granting said application and confirming the report of commission appointed un-