Edward Bradford v. A.S. Cole

Edward Bradford v. A.S. Cole

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1859


  • 473


  • 853


a mile and 3/8 between the distance to witness's house by the closed road and that now traveled by Dr. Cole.

Cross examination- R. Williams lived at Centerville, Combs ditto, Lyman Smith above (north of) Centerville, M.A. Grambling close to Centerville, C.C. Williams formerly lived at Centerville, J.W. Houck live S.E. of Centerville, J.J. Barnes lives in (3/4) of a mile of witness East of Thomasville road did not need it to come to Tallahassee, lived at Cottons- Boswell lived at Kirkseys on the Meridian Road, Kelgore lived on Meridian road last year the year before last, J. Millers (Thinks) Wilson Rouse lived with witness Isler lived West of the Thomasville road and Cole, Samuel C. White lives in vicinity of Centerville, D. M. Beverly ditto, Joseph White ditto, Wade Barnes also, so of Saunders, Stephen Saunders lived on Frederic Cotton's Mitchell place, Centerville is three miles from witness residence, from Centerville persons wanting Cole would go by the route now used by Dr. Cole Thomasville Road is by present road 1 (1/2) miles perhaps from Dr. Coles house, no body lives North of Dr. Cole who would use the proposed road, thinks the access a fair specimen of the Country. The road originally ran through the woods cut through the corner of Dr. Bradford's lands, he understands that the road marked out by the