Edward Bradford v. A.S. Cole

Edward Bradford v. A.S. Cole

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1859


  • 473


  • 853


And afterwards to wit: on the first day of January 1858 came the appellant and filed his bill of Exceptions in the words and figures following to wit:

Edward Bradford


A.S. Cole

An appeal from an order of the Board of County Commissioners for Leon County

Be it remembered that at the hearing of this case, A.S. Cole offered and examined Captain William C. Lester, Mr. James T. Barnes, and Mr. John Isler as witnesses who testified as follows:




Captain Lester Sworn:

Lives in the neighborhood of Dr. Cole's 2 miles and (1/4) from his house, there was a road (private road) from '30 or 31 to the Thomasville Road near Captain Lester's house. The road has varied in its route two or three years ago it was closed- the road was of convenience to the public in going to Dr. Cole's. Most of the petitioners live in the vicinity, is not prepared to say that the road was of convenience to them. It was of convenience to witness in as much as he would rather pay for one mile than two miles travel. Thinks there is a difference of