Tallahassee Railroad v. Macon

Tallahassee Railroad v. Macon

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1859


  • 473


  • 853


the second day of January 1857, the said defendants hired the said negro man to the Georgia and Pensacola Rail Road company, and the said defendants, not regarding their obligations as the hirer of said slave to take care of him and furnish him with medical aid and proper attention while sick, but continuing and intending to injure plaintiff did not take care of the said slave, but neglected the same and carelessly and negligently allowed the said Ga & Pa Railroad Co. to neglect the said slave and by and through the carelessness, negligence and default of the defendant in the premises, and of the Ga & Pa railroad company, the said slave died, being of the value of fifteen hundred dollars and became wholly lost to the plaintiff where by this plaintiff sustained the damage of fifteen hundred dollars and the further damage of five hundred dollars for physician's bill, burial and making in all, the damage to this plaintiff the sum of two thousand dollars and therefore he brings this suit. - Walker and Call