Bryan Croom v. Joseph Swan for John Oliver

Bryan Croom v. Joseph Swan for John Oliver

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1845


  • 473


  • 855


time, being so indebted in consideration thereof, afterwards towit in the day and year aforesaid at &c aforesaid undertook and then and there faithfully promised the said plaintiff to pay him the said sum of $150 when he the said John Oliver should be thereunto afterwards requested

Yet the said John Oliver in his life time and the said Joseph Swan Administrator as aforesaid since the death of John Oliver, not regarding &c but continuing to deceive and defraud the said plaintiff in this behalf have not nor hath either of them as yet paid the several sums of money or any or either of them or any part thereof to the said plaintiff; the said John Oliver, in his life time wholly refused and the said defendant hath ever since the death of the said John Oliver hitherto wholly refused, and still refuses so to do, to the damage of the said plaintiff of $200 & he therefore sues &c

Davidson, Atty &c of the plff

Estate of John Oliver, 1838

To John Shaw Dr.

To money had and received, $150.00

And afterwards towit on the 16[th] day of July AD 1838 at a County Court for the County of Gadsden at the Court house in the town of Quincy the following order was entered [?] Appearance Docket No. 37

John Shaw


Jos Swan Admt

Leave Given to amend declaration