Bryan Croom v. Joseph Swan for John Oliver

Bryan Croom v. Joseph Swan for John Oliver

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1845


  • 473


  • 855


and afterwards, towit, on the 16[th] day of July 1842 came the defendant by his attorney and filed his plea which plea is in these words.

In Leon Supr Court

Fall Term 1842

Leon County as:

Bryan Croom


Joseph Swan, Exer of John Oliver - Plea non Assumpsit

And the said Bryan Croom defendant in this suit, by Thomas Baltzell his attorney comes and defends the wrong and injury, when, &c and says that he did not undertake and promise in manner and form as the said plaintiff in this suit hath above thereof declared against the said defendant and of this he puts himself upon the country's and the said plaintiff likewise &c.

Thomas Baltzell

Atty for defendant

And afterwards towit on the 14[th] day of February AD 1845 as a Superior Court for the County of Leon continued and held at the Court House in the City of Tallahassee the following judgment was ordered.

Joseph Swan Executor of John Oliver, decd


Bryan Croom


In Assumpsit


This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon came Jury towit Hamilton Hudson, H.R.W. Andrews, Canada Rouse, T.D. Vanhorn, Jas Williams, John L. Dennilly, Saml H Dickinson, Patk