Bryan Croom v. Joseph Swan for John Oliver

Bryan Croom v. Joseph Swan for John Oliver

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1845


  • 473


  • 855


when he should be thereunto afterwards requested. Yet the plaintiff avers that the defendant did not (although often requested so to do) pay the said several sums of money above mentioned or any part thereof to the plaintiff but the same to the plaintiff to pay or any part thereof hath the defendant hitherto wholly neglected and neglects and refuses to the damage of the plaintiff as administrator as aforesaid of five hundred dollars therefore he sues, and the said plaintiff brings into court here the letters of administration of the Judge of the County Court of Gadsden County which give sufficient evidence to the said Court here, of the Grant of Administration to the said plaintiff as aforesaid, the date whereof is a certain day and year therein mentioned to wit the [blank] day of [blank]

Spratt and Baker, P.[?].

And afterwards towit in the 5[th] day of July 1842 came the said defendant by his attorneys and filed his pleas which ples is in these words.

Leon Superior Court

Bryan Croom


Joseph Swan, Exect. - Plea non-Assumpsit

And the said defendant in this suit, by his attorneys comes and defends the wrong and injury, when, &c and says that he did not undertake and promise in manner and form as the said plaintiff in this suit hath above thereof declared against the said defendant and of this he puts himself upon the Country and the said plaintiff likewise &c

Baltzell and Westcott

Attys for defendant