Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1837 H.B. Croom to Mrs. H.B. Croom

Augusta to Newborn

January 23[rd] " you will see by this letter that I am now on my way to Charleston and thence home. "Bryan and myself arrived here last evening and will proceed this evening to Charleston where we arrive tomorrow evening. We have fully made up our minds to settle there and I am looking forward to a great deal of happiness and enjoyment when we get settled there especially when we get all our dear children once more around us, which will soon be the case after we get to Charleston. We intend to rent houses for a year or two afterwards to build. As soon as look about the city and get houses brother Bryan will return to Florida and remove his family and I will proceed to NewBorn for the same purpose. XXXXXX I think of sending for William Henry when I reach NewBorn and take him with us to Charleston" "Please inquire of Mr. Riggs if there will be any vessel going from NewBorn to Charleston during the month of February, as I would like to send our furniture by it if there be one."

(Right side)

1837 H.B. Croom to Dr. John Torrey

Charleston to New York

February 7[th] " My last from Florida informed you that I was about to set out for this place with a view of getting a house for my future residence. I have been here nearly two weeks and have been successful in my main object that of procuring a house, having obtained a very pleasant one in the healthiest part of the city, emcompassed by two or three acres of beautiful shrubbery the former habitation of Mr. ????" xxx

"I shall depart, day after tomorrow for North Carolina where my family is and whence I shall return with them as soon as practicable, probably in the course of a month."

H.B. Croom to Mrs. Elizabeth Armistead

Newborn to New York

March 13[th] "I wrote you a few days ago and you will perceive that I have in some measure anticipated your conclusions. I mean in regard to your continuing in N.Y. When we get established in Charleston and you in New York, I think we will be in a situation to enjoy life and society as we can alternately visit each other in the appropriate seasons. I do hope that you and your ma will sell out ??? and send your negroes to Florida, where you may either carry on a plantation or hire them out to great advantage. I think you need to have no fears of the climate for I have not lost one of billions disease in the six years they have been there."

"From the last letters we thought you would not be likely to return here this spring and I was going today to engage a vessel to take our things and servants to Charleston but Fanny is desirous of spending the summer with you all and to be near our dear children. I therefore think that we will accept your kinda invitation and that Fanny and her aunt will go on with you all when you return to New York." I think it desirable that I should visit my planation this spring and I shall be obligated to go to Charleston on business. So I think of setting off soon for Charleston and thence joining you in New York in June or July XXX It would be well for Fanny to send on two or three beds as I wish to go out from New York to Charleston in the Fall."