Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1836 H.B. Croom to D. John ???

NewBorn to New York

October 17[th] "We arrived here in safety nearly two weeks ago and I have since been much engaged in making preparations for my departure south. I am about to break up my establishment here and transfer my family farther South. I do not propose to settle there in Florida but probably in Charleston where I can more easily visit my plantation in winter, and where I shall enjoy a more cultivated society and greater literacy means then I can elsewhere find at the South. If I should find the climate oppressive during summer. I can easily transfer myself and family to the North for two or three months in each year or two. Here too I can have my children with me and the mans of educating them at home which you will allow is no small consideration. I am now really unhappy on account of their absence from us." XXXXXXX

"If you should have occasion to address me before Christmas direct to Tallahassee. I leave this about the first of November."

H.B. Croom to ?? B. Carrol

NewBorn to New York

October 18[th] "It is probable that Mrs. Croom and Mrs. Camack will not go farther than Augusta and will spend the winter either there or in Charleston, at one of which places my brother Bryan and myself intend to settle. The children therefore can be sent to school at one of these places. I will make a visit to my planation and return as soon as I can to my family. My brother and family will probably join us and before the next spring we will be settled, I hope in one of these places. I prefer Charleston myself, and shall use my influence with my brother in its favor XXX This being case I will make an alteration in the disposition of the things we left at your house. You may send them all to Charleston. You need not hurry in the matter as any time in the course of a month or six weeks

(right side)

1836 H.B. Croom to Mrs. H.B. Croom

Florida to NewBorn

December 6[th] " I am glad to inform you that brother Bryan has come into my views of settling in Charleston, and we intend to go there some time in January to procure dwelling, after which I will proceed on to NewBorn to move you and aunt thither. I am looking forward to this period with a great deal of pleasure and with some impatience. I shall however have the intermediate time so much occupied as not to feel it so sensibly as I otherwise would."


October 18[th], " will answer xxx My Coach at( Bishop and Brickels) you will also ship to Charleston provided they don't ask for it more than they agreed for ( 30 to 40 dollars)!! I shall ship my furniture from this place to Charleston in the course of a week."