Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


Smith & Armistead


Bryan Croom


The appellee by his counsel W.G.W. Dari, presents hereby a petition that a 6 [?] hearing be had of this cause.

The petitioner asks for a 6 [?] hearing on the following grounds.

First that the evidence of the witnesses by whom the fact of the ?? was sought to be present too contradictory to be relied on in so grave a case. And that the contradictions were such as could only be recited upon the ??? that the witnesses spoke of a person whom they assured to have been W. Croom, as they place the man terrified about in places and under circumstances wholly different & impossible. Schroder & Levin speak of his being wept.