Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1832 Hardy B. Croom to Bryan Croom

From NewBorn to Rocky Comfort

August 30[th] " I go to Lenoir tomorrow or next day to make my final preparations for starting and it is my wish to get off on the first of October and I hope to do so. I am desirous of being in Florida at the November Court on account of the trial of ??? notes."

October 6[th] "How little do we know if the future and what a day bring forth. When I wrote you last I was in the enjoyment of my ordinary health and hoped to continue so. A day or two after I set out for Lenoir to arrange my business there and before I reached Kinston I was seized with agree and fever and I have been sick ever since. I am a good deal reduced but having got clear of the chill I have been for a week or more gradually regaining my strength, and I hope by the last of the present month to be able to set out for Florida." XXXX

"I am very desirous to be with you and am resolved to remain 12 or 18 months at least Next May I think of looking at Alabama and perhaps you will accompany me."

(Right Side)


H.B. Croom to Bryan Croom

From NewBorn to Rocky Comfort

June 20[th] "Things are insufferably dull here, and with nothing to do. I already desire to be on the road back to Florida and were it not for the heat of the weather it would not be long before I would be so I believe that things get constantly worse here. Town property is worth almost nothing. Mrs. Smith is gone to the North and it is uncertain when she will be back. Probably not before September. I begin to find that all her promises to me are moonshine, which is the worse because they were made for a valuable consideration. Be that as it may I leave here in October next never to return. Those who stay behind will not see me again unless they come to Florida. I have been trifled with long enough"

"I have not yet been to Lenoir, I shall go up in a week or two, and make arrangements for carrying on the few negroes I have there."

July 20[th] "I felt some anxiety when I read in some of the papers that cholera had made its appearance at Apalachicola and on the Chattahoochee. But I can see no more reason to apprehend it's appearance at Rocky Comfort than at NewBorn nor so much" XXXX

"I wrote to Richard Carnochan by last mail to ask him to furnish me with the money I shall want to square off here, and take out the negroes I have here" XXXX

"I shall be out in the fall as early as circumstances will permit."

"I forgot to tell you that Dr. Bellamy and sister Ann appear very anxious to move to Florida. They said they are determined to do it as soon as they can get their business prepared for it. The Doctors brother is now in and helped with my statements to produce this effect."