Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1835 H.B. Croom to Mrs. H.B. Croom

Macon Ga to NewBorn

May 1[st] "I left Florida on the 21[st] for NewBorn in company with brother Bryan Dr. Bellamy and their families. On the third day of our journey my brother who had been for some days laboring under bad cold became very ill from inflammation of the lungs and high fever??"XXXXX

"I have travelled so far in Bryans carriage, but it is my intention when we reach Augusta, to take the stage in order to expedite my arrival at home which I hope will not be later than the middle of May."

July 29[th] New York

"I am now ready to go home and would do so forthwith, but the girls will not allow me until I have accompanied them to Saratoga. We shall set off tomorrow and may be there a week, after which I shall leave them and return homewards."

November 8[th]

Tallahassee- "I arrived here a few days ago in good health and find that I have made a good crop better even than the last year. The negroes too have been more healthy, none of them have died during my absence and there has been but little sickness of a seven character among them. But among the whites there has been some fatal sickness." XXXXX

"It is astonishing how high negroes are in the country. It is a good country for planting and merchandize but I cannot say that it is a desirable country to live in. Indeed I have pretty well concluded not to settle here. But to make all the money I can and lay out none of it in building"

I hope your mother and sisters have by this time returned from the North they may much improve their incomes by sending the negroes to this country but as they are so comfortable where they are. I begin to think they had best remain there. XXXX Augusta is a fine place and there or at Charleston I would like to line if we could all agree on it. It would be a great pity to sacrifice all the good property they and we have in North Carolina. But if we should choose to go to some place of more society we might let the property ??? for better times."

(Right Side)

1835 H.B. Croom to Thos Baltzee

New York to Tallahassee

August 16[th] "Some gentlemen from Florida has informed me that in consequence of your continued difficulties Judge Randal you have formally retired from the bar of Middle Florida, and that you intend to remove to Apalachicola, ????? scarcely say that this circumstance has given me unaffected regret. In addition to the loss of your society and that of your amiable lady at Tallahassee I feel some uneasiness concerning my law business." XXXXX " I also wish to learn whether you will vacate your house in Tallahassee next winter as in that went I would like either to purchase or sent it, as I wish to carry my family to Florida next fall and I shall be loth to do it unless I can get a comfortable house. I have placed my daughter in a very good boarding school in this place. "and also little will in a school for boys."

H.B. Croom to Dr. John Torrey

From NewBorn to New York

October 6[th] " I shall set off for Florida in a few days, before this reaches you, and perhaps before it leaves this place, address me during the Fall and Winter at Tallahassee Florida."

Xxx "PS October 9[th] day after tomorrow I purpose starting on my annual peregrinations to the South. These journeys though long are good deal enjoyed. How much more would they be if I had the company of one like yourself who should be "my guide, philosopher and friend at least in Botany."

"during the winter I expect to visit Alabama."