Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1837 H.B. Croom to Henry Gaskins

New York to Tallahassee

June "I will get out to Florida as early in the Fall as I can, but cant say when that will be" XXXXXXX

"I wish you to carry on the House as well as you can. You can hire Mr. Shine to make the chimney when you are ready for him, say in August or September. I will have the window sashes made and sent out. I hope the negroes will behave themselves and that I shall find all things right when I reach Florida." XXXXXXXXX "My health is at this time tolerably good"

June 27[th]

H.B. Croom to Dr. Sam Bellamy

New York to Rocky Mount B.C.

"If you visit Lenoir County this summer or fall do make a contract with someone to build a substantial fence, or Brick wall around the family cemetery I think it should be a brick wall (without any gate) I expect to return to NewBorn about the first of October and thence to Charleston and Florida as soon as practicable.

I find my children here in good health and much improved in their education. They will all go south with me in the fall."

July 25[th]

"My health declined after I came here but I have recruited it by a visit to Saratoga from which place I returned yesterday. XXXXXXX I expect to visit NewBorn about the first of October and to be in Florida about the first of December where I hope to meet you."

My children are quite well and will return with me to the South."

(Right Side)

1837 H.B. Croom to Henry J. Gaskins

New York to Tallahassee

July 30[th] "By the next vessel I will send the window sash for the house, ready glazed 18 lights to a window (10 by 12).

"Our bales and cotton of last crop that I sent here were much liked and I hope you will not fall behind the last years mark."

"Myself and family are all well. I am very desirous of seeing you all and also the plantation. I will go out as early in the fall as I can."

H.B. Croom to Bryan Croom

New York to Charleston

August 14[th] We are glad that you are pleased with Charleston. XXXX I am desirous of going to Charleston as early as I dare do so."

H.B. Croom to Henry J. Gaskins

New York to Tallahassee

September 21[st] "I sent the window sash by the schooner ?? about a month ago"

"I expect to be in Charleston by the 8[th] of October and wish to have a letter from you when I get there. I shall leave Charleston for Florida by the 20[th] of October, perhaps sooner, as I am very desirous of seeing the Plantation."