Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1837 H.B Croom to Bryan Croom

New York to Charleston

September 18[th] "I had the pleasure two days since of receiving your letter of the 8rg ???, for the hearty invitation which it contains we all thank you and we all thank you and we are preparing to await ourselves of it as speedily as circumstances will allow. "We returned here from Newport about the first ????, and I have since been making efforts to be ready to leave for Charleston in the boat which is to go on the 28[th] ???" xxxxx "Within a week after we reach Charleston I shall be ready to go with you to Florida" XX

"Note. When Henrietta Smith was married a settlement or marriage contract was made which provided that in case of her death without leaving a child and without making a will, her property should go to her family as if she had never been married. She did without either, and I mention it to you now that in case I should not live to see it settled, you may know that claims of my wife and children Mrs. Smith and Mrs.A having been instrumental in making the contract seem now disposed to avoid it for the purpose of preventing my wife and myself from a shase, the purpose being to divide the property between them and Mr. Carroll. I see no reason why I should assent to such a course.

(Right Side)

1837H.B. Croom to Bryan Croom

New York to Charleston

September 28[th] "I receive your letter of the 21[st] inst this morning. You will I hope have received my previous letter in which I informed you of my purpose of leaving this for Charleston as soon as the health of Mrs. Carnack would allow. It is now so far restored as to enable her to accompany us and it is my purpose to go in the boat on this day week and I know of nothing that will prevent my doing so. You may therefore with certainty expect us by that boat which shall arrive at Charleston on the 8[th] October"

I am very glad to hear that you have the prospect of a good crop. The report from mine was very favorable up to the time of the last gale ***** still the injury may not be so considerable as first impressions led him to suppose." On the 6[th] September we had out about 20 Bales ten of which were bagged." *****

"My own health is unusually good at present."

(Last Letter)

October 5[th] "I write to say that I have taken my passage in the steam boat Home which is to go on Saturday the 7[th] and you may expect us in Charleston on Tuesday 10[th]. If convenient send your carriage to meet us at the Boat when it arrives."