Smith v. Croom

Smith v. Croom

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1839


  • 452


  • 805


1837 H.B. Croom to Dr. John Torrey

NewBorn to New York

March 15[th] "I have no book at hand to consult or perhaps I would not trouble you with the question. However there is little chance of your answering it before I have pleasure of seeing you in New York. I have somewhat altered my arrangements for the summer. My family will not go to Charleston until the Fall and will spend the hot weather in New York with my wife's mother and sister and near our children. In the fall we go to Charleston and take the children with us. In the meantime however I shall pay a hasty visit to Florida" XXXXX " You may expect me in New York early in June, and if I can escape the bad effects of those sudden changes in your summer atmosphere which nearly killed me last year. I hope to be well enough to join you in some of your botanical excursions."******* A severe calamity has lately befallen my wife's family in the death of her sister ( Mrs. Carroll) and this has been one cause of our change of plans I start for Florida day after tomorrow." "A letter about the first of May would meet one in Charleston, where I shall spend a week or two and where I would like to hear from you"

March 23[rd]

H.B. Croom to Mrs. H.B. Croom

Augusta to NewBorn

"I write you again as soon as I reach the plantation and let you know how things are going on."

"PS we have good news from the war, the Indians are surrounding and the war will soon be at an end."

(Right Side)

1837 H.B. Croom to Mrs. H.B. Croom

Lake Layfayette near Tallahassee to NewBorn

April 3[rd] " I arrived at any brothers on the 28[th] Ulto and found him just ready to start to Charleston with his family, he delayed a short time and is to start today. They appear pleased with the prospect and I think we will all like our situations there" XXXXXX I shall not remain here more than a week longer, we expect to be in Charleston before the first of May, write to me at Charleston immediately on the receipts of this, and let me know when you will set off for New York, and whether you wish me to come to NewBorn. Have your piano boxed and sent to New York." XXX "You need not expect me in New York before the first of June"XXXXXX

"PS we finished raising the frame to our house today (32 feet square) So that by next winder I hope to have a comfortable house."

H.B. Croom to Dr. John Torrey

Florida to New York

April 4[th] "In my last from NewBorn I informed you of my purpose of making a hasty visit to my plantation. I arrived here a few days ago and finding my affairs in a good train I shall remain here only two or three days longer. I return by way of Quincy where Chapman has agreed to join me on a visit to the Apalachicola river, the habitat of the Torreya and the Croomia" XXXXXXXX "The Indian war it is thought is now closed and perhaps I may go into East Florida this Spring but I rather think I will postpone it to the next XXX "How I do long to get into this Terra australis incognita ( i.e the ??? of Florida)" XXX "You would be delighted were you in Florida at this time, where Flora displays the beauties of her realms and the groves are vocal with the songs of birds."