R.K. Call v. Jeter

R.K. Call v. Jeter

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1843


  • 3


  • 33


on which said action was founded in the following words

"Fifty days after date we jointly and severally promise to pay to the order of James K. Lauremore agent for George L. Fauntleroy the sum of fourteen thousand dollars for value received with interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum.

March 1[st] 1839 G.K Walker

R.K. Call

Isaac W. Mitchell


Received April the 25[th] 1839 of the within Bond five thousand five hundred dollars of Geo K. Walker

Signed Jas [?] Lorimer agent for Geo L. Fauntleroy

And the plaintiff then proved by competent and satisfactory evidence that the name of Charles Le Baron endorsed on said note is in the hand writing of said Le Baron and plaintiff here closed his testimony

Whereupon the said defendants who offered no evidence in the case comes and says that proof is not sufficient in law to sustain said action and therefore presents this his demurrer to said evidence

G.K. & D.S. Walker for defendants

Plaintiff joins in demurrer

Baltzell [?]

And now on the 25[th] day of February A.D. 1842 appeared in Court as well the said plaintiff and said Walker and Call by their respective attorneys