R.K. Call v. Jeter

R.K. Call v. Jeter

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1843


  • 3


  • 33


And the said Call and Walker protesting as aforesaid &c &c because they say that the said instrument of writing on which this action is instituted commonly called a promissory note was at the death of the payer of said note owend and possessed by him and that said death reoccurred after the day on which said note became due as specified therein and that one Le Baron representing himself as the representative of the said deceased with the will of said deceased annexed did in compliance with the provisions of said supposed will deliver said note to the widow of said deceased who shortly thereafter and before the institution of this intermarried with Colquet and shortly thereafter departed this life leaving said note a chose in action uncollected and undisposed of said defend further aver that there has been no administration on the estate of said deceased last alluded to nor is there nor has there been since her death any one authorized by law to collect or receive or dispose of said note or any other of the choses in action of which said deceased died possessed, and that said note above named was at the institution of this suit the property of the estate of said deceased last alluded to, and said defendants further aver that said Jeter had notice of all these facts before receiving said note and that said supposed will has been said aside and adjudged null and void by the court having the proper jurisdiction all of which they are ready &c &c

G.K. & D.S. Walker

For dfts.