R.K. Call v. Parkhill

R.K. Call v. Parkhill

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1844


  • 3


  • 32


Henry Bond


M.A. Parkhill admst 1497

R.K. Call


M.A. Parkhill admst 1498

It is agreed that the receipt given by D.S. Walker for $ 74.92 46/100 on a/c of this first- named exn. & $ 67.87 25/100 on a/c of the last named exn the said receipts- being for the for the net proceeds of sale of personal property on the 11 Jany & 5[th] June 1843 of the Estate of Parkhill, shall be considered void and of no effect, provided the Judge of the Superior Court for the county of Leon of the of appeals for the territory of Florida shall decide that the cotton sold on the 11[th] Jany was not rightfully sold and the proceeds properly applied - and in the meantime the executions as stated above and now in the hands of the marshal shall not be returned to the clerks office until adjudicated by the court and by them instructed as to the disposition of the proceeds.

Jno G. Camp Marshall

R.K. Call by his attorney DS Walker

Henry Bond by his attorney D.S. Walker

So far as the question of returning to the clerks office the above exn is concerned the same is wavied and the marshal requested to return forthwith the exn with the endorsements thereon as made by him 28[th] October 1843

D.S Walker Attorney for R.K. Call