R.K. Call v. Parkhill

R.K. Call v. Parkhill

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1844


  • 3


  • 32


was extended by order of 1[st] December until 18[th] December by the express condition that on failure to comply with this twice extended order the letters granted to said Adm should be revoked. That one & legal [?] of these several orders [?], was made upon said adm Martha Ann Parkhill and that thereafter She having altogether failed to comply therewith and to file her accounts, the letters thereto for granted to said Adm & were by order of said Court dated 19[th] December 1843 revoked annulled & set aside.

That on the 19[th] December 1843 your petitioner applied to be appointed Adm in the place of said Adm displaced & removed

That said Martha A. Parkhill (now Manley) and on 10[th] December 1843 file an appeal Bond in $100, from the said order of 19[th] December revoking her letters. But no appeal appears to have been granted. That on 21[st] December 1843 your petitioner was appointed & gave Bond & was duly qualified as administrator of said estate as will appear by the letters herewith [?] having given Bond in one hundred thousand dollars [?]

That on 27[th] December 1843 the said Martha Ann Manley filed a Bond in One hundred Dollars upon appeal from said order appointing your petitioner administrator as aforesaid, but no appeal appers to have been granted.

That your Petitioner insists he is the proper representative of the said estate, and that he is entitled to the restitution if any be made,