R.K. Call v. Parkhill

R.K. Call v. Parkhill

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1844


  • 3


  • 32


Ann Parkhill administratrix as aforesaid at the rendition of the said judgment & decree of foreclosure, to be administered


On the trail of the aforesaid motion the plaintiff in Execution excepted to the opinion of the Court given on said trial against him, & tendered his bill of execution, which was signed sealed & ordered to be made a part of the record by the court in this case, & which is the following words.

"R.K. Call


M.A Parkhill admx of Saml Parkhill decd Be it remembered that on the 25 day of November 1843, the defendant by William H. Brockenbrough her attorney moved to quash the execution in this cause, because, among other reasons stated at bar the said execution did not correspond with the judgment: pending this motion to quash the execution, the plaintiff by his attorney M.A. Long, moved the Court to amend the record of the judgment in this cause in the manner and for the reasons set forth in the following affidavit, which he offered and read to the Court,

Richard K. Call


On petition to foreclose mortgage. Martha Ann Parkhill admx of Samuel Parkhill

George K. Walker bring duly