R.K. Call v. Parkhill

R.K. Call v. Parkhill

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1844


  • 3


  • 32


In the name and by the authorities of the Territory of Florida: To the Judge of the Superior Court for the Middle District & for the Courts of Leon Greeting: Because in the record and proceedings and also in the rendering of the judgment in our said court on the third day of My 1842, on a certain petition to foreclose mortgage filed & instituted in our said court, by Richard K. Call against Martha Ann Parkhill administratrix of Samuel Parkhill decd, manifest error hath happened to the great damage of the said Richard K. Call, as by his complaint we have been informed: We bring willing that the error, if any has been, should be duly corrected, and full & speedy justice done to the said R. K. Call in this behalf: Command you that the record & proceedings aforesaid with all things touching the same, you under your seal distinctly, and plainly send to the judges of our Court of Appeals at the Court house, in the City of Tallahassee, on or before the first day of the next term, so that the judges the record and proceedings aforesaid bring inspected, may further cause to be done therein of right & according to law ought to be done.

Witness the Hon Wm. M[?] Presiding Judge of our said Court of Appeals, at Tallahassee, this 4[th] day of December 1843, & the 68[th] year of American Independence

[?] Clerk