R.K. Call v. Harris

R.K. Call v. Harris

Lower Court

  • Gasden County


  • 1845


  • 3


  • 31


suit. And the said plaintiff avows that afterwards on the twenty seventh any of September in the year eighteen hundred and forty three aforesaid at the County aforesaid a copy of the said order was duly sewed upon the said Robert L. Harrison but that the said Robert L. Harrison wholly failed and refused to pay over within ten days after the services of the said copy of said order as aforesaid, to the said George W. Harrison and David Raney or either of them a to the said Charles S. Sibley their attorney as aforesaid the said sum of one thousand nine hundred and eighty one dollars and eighty one cents and said interest or any part thereof and still so fails and refuses.

By reason whereof an action [?] accrued to the said plaintiff to demand and have of and from the said defendant the said sum of Ten Thousand dollars above demanded. Yet the said defendant although often requested hath not as yet paid to the said plaintiff the said sum of Ten thousand dollars above demanded or any part thereof, but to pay the same or any party thereof to the said plaintiff the said defendant hath hitherto refused and still doth refuse to the damage of the said plaintiff of one hundred Dollars wherefore he brings suit etc.

Sibley & Ferguson

Attorneys of Plffs.