R.K. Call v. Harris

R.K. Call v. Harris

Lower Court

  • Gasden County


  • 1845


  • 3


  • 31


If it did thereafter appear that a last will and testament was made by the said deceased and the Executor or Executors therein named did file the same in the office of the said Court making request to have it allowed and approved by the said Court, then if the said Robert L. Harrison above bounden was thereunto required he did not render and deliver his said letters of Administration. But to the contrary thereof the said plaintiff in fact saith that afterwards on the seventeenth any of August in the year one Thousand eight hundred and forty three at the County of Gadsden aforesaid, of the rest and residue of said goods chattels rights and credits which were found remaining upon the said Administrators account tho same being first then and there [?] and allowed by the county court of the courts of Gadsden aforesaid upon the examination and settlement of the amounts and vouchers filed by said Robert L. Harrison administrator of the Estate of Samuel B. Wilson on his final settlement of said Administration did pursuant to the true intent and meaning of all act of the Governor and Legislative council of the Territory of Florida referred to in the said condition annexed to the said writing obligatory and approved November 20[th] 1828 and entitled an act concerning wills letters testamentary and letters of Administration, and the duties of Executors Administrators and Guardians order and adjudge among other things that the said Robert L. Harrison should pay over to George W. Harrison and David G. Raney credits of the said Samuel B Wilson trading as Harrison & Raney or to Charles Sibley their attorney the sum of $ 1987.81 ascertained to be due on said settlement to their as creditors of the said Samuel B. Wilson accused upon a judgment of said Harrison & Raney against said Administration in Gadsden Superior Court with interest on said amount from the 17[th] day of September 1842 [?] in default thereof that a copy of the Bond of said Harrison as administrator as aforesaid be delivered to the said creditors for