R.K. Call v. Harris

R.K. Call v. Harris

Lower Court

  • Gasden County


  • 1845


  • 3


  • 31


Afterwards to wit at the regular May Term 1844 of said Court. to wit on the 7[th] day of May 1844: The following Entry and Judgment was made of record in said case to wit.

Richard K. Call Governor use of

Harrison & Raney


Isaac R. Harris

The defendant having filed a demurrer to the declaration in this case and the plaintiff having joined therein, and the argument of the same being had the court do sustain said demurrer and give Judgment for the defendant in said case

Therefore It is considered that said defendant do recover of said plaintiffs the sum of [?] 87/100 Dollars for his costs and charges by him about his defense in this behalf [?]