R.K. Call v. Harris

R.K. Call v. Harris

Lower Court

  • Gasden County


  • 1845


  • 3


  • 31


by their order or decree pursuant to the true intent & meaning of this act shall appoint and direct And if it shall thereafter appear that any Last Will & testament was made by the said deceased and the executor or executors therein named do file the same in the office of the said court making request to have it allowed and approved and the said will is allowed & approved by the said Court Then if the said Robert L. Harrison above bounden being thereunto required do render and deliver his said letters of administration then this obligation to be void and of no effect otherwise to remain in full force and virtues.

Signed sealed & acknowledged in the presence of Lorenzo [?] Clerk G.C.C.

Approved by me David L. White Judge GC ct.

Recorded this 19[th] day of December A.D. Lorenzo [?] Clk

Territory of Florida Gadsden County [?]

Robert L. Harrison

Isaac R. Harris

Jell Nueon

JRC Lester clerk of the county court for said county do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true correct copy of Robert L. Harrison Admn. Bond on the Estate of Samuel B. Wilson decd. as appears from the records of my office In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed the seal of said Court at Quincy this 30 day of march A.D. 1843

R.C. Lester Clerk

At chambers August 16[th] 1843 In the matter of the final settlement of the Estate of Samuel B. Wilson deceased by Robert L. Harrison Administrator. Upon the examination & settlement of the accounts and vouchers filed by said Robert L. Harrison Administrator of the Estate of Samuel B Wlison on his first settlement of said Administration.

It is ordered & adjudged that the said Robert L. Harrison do pay over to the creditors of the said Samuel B. Wilson deceased or their Attorneys within ten days after the service of a copy of this order upon him the following sums ascertained to be due on said settlement to them by account & vouchers filed aforesaid To George W. Harrison & David G. Raney trading as Harrison & Raney or to Charles [?] Sibley their Attorney the amount $ 1981.81 Upon a Judgment of said Harrison & Raney vs. said Administration in Gadsden Superior Court $ 1981.81

To the Estate of Sampson Poke $ 63.20 To Jesse you $ 79.04 142.24

To R. M. Combs $ 58.70 Nueon & Harrison $ 77 H.B Perkins $ 8.40 166.10

Harrison & Wilson $ 40.52 to [?] Knighton $ 6.00 46.52


With interest on said amount from 17 September 1842 and in default thereof that a copy of the Bond of said Harrison as Administrator as aforesaid be delivered to [?] of the aforesaid creditor for suit

David L. White Judge GC ct

A true Copy Attest R.C. Lester Clk GC ct. Endorsed Execteor by Serving a copy on R.L. Harrison Sept 27 1843

RK Shaw Sheff