The Terrority of Florida v. Caesar, a Slave

The Terrority of Florida v. Caesar, a Slave

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1840


  • 482


  • 853


ty; whereupon came a jury to wit; Ludlun Benjamin J. Chittenden, Benjamin F. Hardy, William H. Clark, Hiram Marley, Enoch C. Roberts, Hezekiah Hawley, Avery Downes, Marshall P. Ellis, Hiram W. Brooks, James Fanior, John W. Rinald, and Charles Rogers who being elected, tried and sworn the truth of and upon the premises to speak, and having heard the evidence upon their Oath do say that the said Caesar is Guilty of Murder in manner and form as in the Indictment against him is alleged, and thereupon he is remanded.

Afterwards to wit on the ninth day of the same term, the said Caesar (a slave) who stands conducts of Murder was again led to the Bar in custody of the Marshal, and thereupon it being demanded of him if any thing for himself he had or knew to say why the Court here to judgment and execution against him of and upon the premises should not proceed, and nothing being said: Therefore it is considered by the Court that he be hanged by the neck until he be dead. And that execution of this judgment be made and done upon him the said Caesar by the marshal of the Apalachicola district, on {Monday} Thursday the sixth day of January next between the hours of ten in the forenoon and four in the afternoon of the same day, at some convenient place within the corporate limits of the city of Apalachicola.

On motion to continue this case the following affidavit was submitted to the Court, viz:

Franklin Superior Court Decr Term 1839. Personally appeared in open Court H.D. Darden agent for James C. Watson Owner of slave, who being duly sworn deposith and says that C.M. Amos late a resident of this County and now a resident of the state of Georgia is a material witness for the defendant, that he was