Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1832


  • 473


  • 866


his duty of with fully as mate of said Schooner Billow. And your Libellant further showith that the said Schooner arrived on the River St. Marks (and within the District aforesaid) on or about: the twenty ninth day of May last, and has since discharged her Cargo at the Port or place called St. Marks within said District That soon after the arrival of said Schooner Billow, and whilst lying at anchor at or near a placed called the Devils Elbow within the jurisdiction of this Hon. Court your Libellant was discharged and seen on shore at a place called Sprague Island by the said Ellis H. Buell master as aforesaid without being paid the wages by his earnest as aforesaid, according to the contract aforesaid, and there is now due into your Libellant according to law & usage, and by reason of his said shipping articles to sum of ninety dollars, which the said Ellis H. Buell hereunto hath altogether refused and will doth refuse to pay although often hitherto required by your Libellant Contrary to the Statute in such case made and provided; by reason whereof and by force of said statute your Libellant humbly prays that the said Schooner Billow and her Tackle, apparel and furniture may be condemned and sold to pay the wages due as aforesaid to your Libellant and your Libellant further prays advisement of the Court here in the premises, and for motion and other proper process, to the end that the same may be decreed to be, and remains so condemned & for such further relief in the premises as to justice shall seem much

J.G. Ringgold

Proctor for Libellant