Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1832


  • 473


  • 866


Petition. "Executed by suspending this a short time to be the Main Mast of said vessel & leaving thereto attached a certified a copy hereof & causing this to be published in the Floridian Advocate as the law directs October 4[th] 1830.

Alex Adair Marshal

At the time of issuing the foregoing process the following Libel was filed by Libellants Proctor

United States of America

Middle District of Florida

To the Honorable Thomas Randall Judge of the District Court of the United States for the Middle District of Florida. The Libel of Robert Outerbridge humbly showith that your Libellant on the thirteenth day of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty at the Port of Havana Island of Cuba at the request of a certain Ellis H. Buell master of the Sloop (or schooner) Billow, then lying at anchor in the said Port shipped as first mate or chief officer on board said schooner to perform a voyage on the high seas and within the jurisdiction of the Honorable Court from the said Port of Havana to St. Marks Middle Florida, then to New Orleans on the United States, and then to the said Port of Havana at the wages of thirty dollars per month, as will more fully appear by the shipping articles signed by your Libellant in which his contract for the said voyage is fully set forth and which this libellant prays may be produced by the said Ellis H. Buell to this Honorable Court.

And your Libellant further showith and avows that he proceeded on the said voyage as specified in the said contract at all times and in all thinks doing