Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1832


  • 473


  • 866


cause of complaint whereon to found Admiralty proceedings against the Schooner Billow her Tackle Apparel and Furniture to answer the complaint of Robert D. Outerbridge late mariner and mate on board of said schooner Billow You are therefore hereby authorized, empowered and strictly adjourned , peremptory to admonish all persons whatsoever having or pretending to have any right title interest or claim in or to the said schooner Billow her Tackle, apparel and Furniture by publicly affixing this monition on the main mast of said schooner Billow for some time and by leaving there affixed a true copy thereof; and by all other lawful ways, means and methods, whatsoever, whereby this monition may be made most public and notorious to be and appear at the city of Tallahassee on the first Monday in October next, before the Judge of the Superior Court for the District aforesaid. And also to attend upon every Session and Sessions to be held there and from chance, until a definitive sentence shall be read and promulgated in the said business inclusively, if any of them shall think it their duty to do so to hear and abide by and perform all and singular such judicial acts as are necessary and by law required to be done and expected in the premises and further to do and receive what unto laid and justice shall appertain, under the pain of the law and contempt thereof the absence and contumacy of them and every of them in any wise notwithstanding. And what service you shall do in the premise you shall duly certify unto the Judge aforesaid at the time and place aforesaid together with these presents. Witness The Honorable Thomas Randall Judge of our said Superior Court this 13[th] day of September in the year of our Lord 1830 in the 55[th] of American Independence.

Jas S. Linn, clk