Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1832


  • 473


  • 866


Randall Judge of Superior Court of the United States for the middle district of Florida having and exercising jurisdiction in Admiralty

The Petition of Jose Rodriquez Respectfully showith that he shipped as a mariner on board the Schooner Billow at the Port of Havana to perform a voyage on board the said to thy port of St. marks from thence to the port of New Orleans & thence back to the Schooner from the said Port of Havana at the wages said Port of Havanna, of seventeen dollars per month. That he did perform the voyage from Havanna to St. Marks in this Territory and that on the arrival of said vessel or schooner at St. Marks he was discharged by the master without any fault or misconduct of his, wherefore your petition avows that he is entitled to his wages up to a prosperous determination of the voyage and that he is therefore entitled to three months pay. And your Petition begs that he may be made a party Libellant to the Libel of Robert D. Outerbridge filed, and that his said Libel may be taken as a part of this petition. And your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray [?]

Thompson Proctor for Petitioner

And afterwards to wit: On the 25[th] day of April A.D 1831 the following appeal Bond was entered into and filed in the Clerks office of said Court.

Appeal Bond

Know all men by these presents that we Ellis H. Buell, Edward Klein and Lewis W. Burnett are held and held and firmly bound unto Robert D. Outerbridge and Jose Rodriquez in the just and full sum of three hundred dollars to be paid unto the said Robert D. Outerbridge & Jose Rodriquez their certain attorneys their Executors, administrators or assigns, for the payment thereof well and truly to be made we bind