Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Robert D. Outbridge v. Schooner Billow

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1832


  • 473


  • 866


Hundred and thirty one, came the parties by their Proctor and the Respondent not having produced and exhibited the shipping articles and the logbook as he was required to do, and having shown no cause why the demand of the Libellant should not be allowed. It is therefore considered and decreed by the court, that the Libellant Robert D. Outerbridge do receives the sum of ninety dollars being the amount claimed by him, and the Libellant Jose Rodriquez do receive the sum of fifty one dollars the amount claimed by him, and the said amounts are respectively adjudged to there with the costs of their Libel and it is further ordered and decreed by the Court that a commission do issue directed to the Marshal of the United States for the Middle District of Florida Commanding him that after giving at least fifteen days public notice according to law, he expose to public sale the aforesaid Schooner Billow her Tackle apparel and furniture and sell the same to the highest and best bidder to answer the amounts adjudged to the said Robert D. Outerbridge and the said Jose Rodriquez and the costs of their Libel and that he pay over them the amounts adjudged, and the surplus (if any there be) be paid over to the claimant of said vessel. And it is further ordered that he the said Marshal lodge in the Registry of his Court the account of such sale. Given under my hand the day and year first above written

Thomas Randall Judge

The following petition was filed on the 19[th] day of April and should have been put in before the decree

United States of America

Territory of Florida

To the Honorable Thomas