Johnson v. Armistead

Johnson v. Armistead

Lower Court

  • Hastings County, Virginia


  • 1834


  • 476


  • 865


Account with Geo W. ??? her guardian ??? 1834

September 15[th] By this ???? to your credit because the same ??? was passed to the credit of G.W. ???? by M. A. Armistead, on the ???? of Armistead ????? this day, as being the ??? from said assisted to you upon a settlement of his amount as Advisor of C. Armistead_ See account marked ( NO 1) herewith returned page 26

Interest 15.10

Principal: 863.24

December 31[st] By Interest on $ 863.24 from 15[th] September Cart to this date

1835 August 1[st] By this ???? also passed to your credit this day because it is the same sum for which M.A. Armistead as Advisor of J.C. Armistead is indebted to you upon a settlement of his General Administration ??? & for which be is accountable to Geo W. ???? your guardian _ see account No. 1, page 31

Principal & Interest_ 59.76 1096.93

By Interest on $863.24 from 31[st] December Cart _9[th] 38.84

113.70 1960.17

By Balance to Debit ???? Principal 1960.17

Interest 113.70

Total Amount 2073.87

????? The Commissioners adds, That although the foregoing amount formerly Armistead, that the sum reported to be due from the said of J.C. Armistead deed to be due from him, he having in fact trans ??? on amount of Mrs. Johnson interest in her fathers Estate and against him, instead of the ????

H.B. Gaines ????