Johnson v. Armistead

Johnson v. Armistead

Lower Court

  • Hastings County, Virginia


  • 1834


  • 476


  • 865


Johnson Advisor ???? Gaines ??? 1835

Armistead ???

The commissioners respectfully report, to the court as a reason why the following amount ????? as Guardian of the late wife Adelia H. Armistead, is stated and settled in a form so contracted and Abridged, is because the management of her portion of her fathers Estate, and the whole of her accounts and ??? transaction, have been ??? exclusively to M.A. Armistead as the Advisor of ??? Armistead deed, who was the guardian of the other ??? aforesaid Marked ( No 1) and here with returned to Court contains a full and ???? statement of all the particulars ??? to be ??? in relation to the said ??? transactions as her guardian; and it is to that- account will as to two ???? ones ( copies of which are therein filed) that the Court and the parties concerned, are respectfully referred for any further or more particular information that may be ??? in the premises.

The Commissioners ??? therefore deemed it ???? To ??? The accounts at ???, ??? concluded to ??? the balance as contained to be due ??? the guardian ??? 1[st] of October 1835 to wit. The ?? of Two thousand seventy dollars Rightly ???? with legal ??? on nineteen hundred and sixty Dollars and seventeen cents, a part thereof from the said date till payment- The Commissioner further and costly ???? that the audits upon which the amount is based will explain the ??? from ??? they are delivered

Respectfully ??

H.B. Gaines ???

Commissioner fee $ 6.58

Charged to guardian