Johnson v. Armistead

Johnson v. Armistead

Lower Court

  • Hastings County, Virginia


  • 1834


  • 476


  • 865


Estate to your orator William R. Johnson to be by him held and Administered as the Advisor of the said Adelia H. Johnson and, and that your Honor will grant to your orators all such other and further relief and rights in the premises as may seem legal and equitable and which the nature of their case may require_ your orators will ever pray [????]J. W. Pegrampen

Exhibit referred to in Bill

In Chesterfield County Court November 10, 1834.

On the motion of William R. Johnson who entered into Bond with security conditioned as The Law directs and Took the Oath prescribed by Law a Certificate is granted time for obtaining letters of Administration in due form on the Estate of Adelia H. Johnson deceased. A Copy Teste. S. Nunnally DC

Ans. Of defend. Harrison

The answer of Geo W. Harrison to a bill of complainant a exhibited against himself & others in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the Town of Petersburg by W.R. Johnson administer of Adelia H. Johnson died, and by John E. Johnson. This Respondent reserving all benefit of exception [8/ & etc ???] for answer to so much of the said bill as he advised it is material for him to answer, says that he believes the allegations of the said bill to be true and he considers The prayer thereof reasonable: That he qualified as alleged in the Bill as The Guardian of the said Adelia H., and has no objection to render to this court an account of his