Johnson v. Armistead

Johnson v. Armistead

Lower Court

  • Hastings County, Virginia


  • 1834


  • 476


  • 865


-receive, from all persons holding the same, all and singular the goods, chattels and other personal Estate to which the said Adelia H. deceased was Entitled at the time of her death. Your orators further show that a certain Marcus A. Armistead of the Town of Petersburg became and is now the Administrator of the said John C. Armistead deceased, and as such received and now has possessed of a large portion of his Estate to which the said Adelia H. was entitled at the time of her death; That a certain Geo [?] Harrison of the Town of Petersburg, before that marriage of the said Adelia H. died with the infant complainant was appointed and qualified in the Hastings Court of the said Town as the guardian of the said Adelia H. after her Father's death, and as such has received and now has possession of a portion of the Estate and property to which the was lawfully entitled; and that the said John R. Armistead and William H. Armistead who are the brothers and coparcener of the said Adelia H. deceased are now infants under the age of 21 years, and that therefore a division of the Estate thus held in [coparcenary ?] by them and that said Adelia H. deceased, can only be effected by the aid of a Court of Equity.

In tender consideration whereof, and in as much as your Orators are without remedy in the premises except in a Court of Equity where The Estates of infant coparcener are properly divided, and the amounts of Administrators & guardian property examined and settled your orators Therefore pray that The said Marcus A. Armistead Advisor of John C. Armistead and Geo W. Harrison guardian of the late Adelia H. Johnson died formerly Adelia H. Armistead and the said John R. Armistead and William H. Armistead, and the infant William R. Johnson