Johnson v. Armistead

Johnson v. Armistead

Lower Court

  • Hastings County, Virginia


  • 1834


  • 476


  • 865


A part of the real Estate is located in the counties of Halifax and Brunswick and another part thereof in the Town of Petersburg; that by a legal proceeding and decree of the Hastings Court of Petersburg the said widows distributable share of the said Estate of the late John C. Armistead has been assigned and delivered to her, but the residual of the said Estate has hitherto remained undivided between The Three children and heirs aforesaid; that your orator John Evans Johnson intermarried with The said Adelia H. after the death of her said Father and by her had lawful issue, That is afor, Wlm. A. Johnson who is now alive; That the said Adelia H. has lately departed this life, intestate, being seized in [said/saw/soul???] and possessed at the time of her death of one undivided third part of all the lands, tenements and hereditaments whereof her late Father John C. Armistead, died, possessed and entitled to, except the part thereof assigned as aforesaid to the widow as her advisor therein_ and also entitled as one of the children and legal distributes as aforesaid to one third part of the personal Estate belonging to her father and not allotted to his widow as her distributable share thereof_ That upon the death of the said Adelia H. your orator William R. Johnson being the Father and next of their of your orator John E. Johnson (he being an infant as aforesaid) qualified as administrator aforesaid of the said Adelia H. by performing what was necessary for obtaining letters of Administration on her Estate in the County Court of Chesterfield. He being a resident of that County at the time of her death_ That by marriage and issue thereof, aforesaid, your Orator John Evans Johnson is entitled to his Tenancy by the Courtesy of all the lands & whereof his late wife Adelia H. deceased, died, seized as aforesaid; and that your Orator William R. as her Advisor aforesaid is entitled to have and