Johnson v. Armistead

Johnson v. Armistead

Lower Court

  • Hastings County, Virginia


  • 1834


  • 476


  • 865


The Estate of John Armistead Deceased In amount with

Oct. 1834 To cash paid Lasces in Petersburg for 1834 4.37

"25" cash paid accounts to Thas B. Bond 1.14

Dec. 31 Cash paid for Limber, whitewashing, painting & for House and lot on Halifax Road omitted by this Commissioner in the last settlement 30.58

Cash paid Jeremiah Vaughan for work done on said house & lot and for plank & nails also omitted in like manner as aforesaid 39.31

Cash paid Follet and Moore for hinges for said house and Lot, omitted as aforesaid 2.24

Cash paid [enslaved evlored????] man Jesse for ditching done said Lot omitted in like manner 4.87

5 per cent Commissioners on the receipts 200.57

Balance per contra 4842.45


1835 April 5 To Cash paid Insurance on Mrs. Spooner's dwelling House to, Mutual Asset society agent fire on buildings in Virginia 25.00

March 18[th] Cash paid Call and Walker 3 per cents on collection of Thas J. Green's & Arthur Mason's note 10.45

Cash paid one per cent on net amount of money received from Green and Mason's debt 5.31

April 9[th] Cash paid Lasces on Land in Jefferson County Florida for 1834 and 1835 4.50

August Cash paid surveyor for laying off Jon E. Johnson's land in Halifax in right of his late wife 5.50

3 per cent Commissions the receipts is 28.95

Balance to Debit 579.18