United States v. Schooner Emperor

United States v. Schooner Emperor

Lower Court

  • United States Supreme Court


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 864



To the Marshal of West Florida, Greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon

Hanson Kelly [?] Henry Michelet, and John Campbell

who shall be duly sworn before a Justice Peace; or

any two of them to value and appraize the Schooner

Emperor and that they make report to the Judge

of our Court this day and have then three [?] writ.

Witness W.W. Kelly Clerk of the Superior

Court for the District of West Florida

at the Courthouse at Pensacola this 14th day of June

in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven and

of the Independence of the United States

the 61st year. [signed] W.W. Kelly Clerk

We the undersigned appointed by the Court

appraizers to value the Schooner Emperor, went

on board and examined the [?], sails, rigging,

anchors, cables, etc. and say to the best of our belief

that said Schooner as she now lays at anchor in that

Harbor is worth Three thousand Dollars.

Given under our hands at Pensacola

this 14th day of June 1837.

(signed) Hanson Kelly

John Campbell

Henry Michelet